Desmond Mason – The Multi-Talented Artist

Published on October 11th, 2014 by Astramskas, David | 1,289 views

Desmond Mason has always been an artist. In the years after Vince Carter’s epic dunk contest win in 2000, the Seattle aerial artist gave the world some of the most underrated dunk contest performances, while becoming the first Sonic to ever win the event (Shawn Kemp failed four times) in 2001.

Mason was later traded along with Gary Payton to Milwaukee, where he put up some of the best stats of his career. After his stint with the Bucks, he bounced around to a few teams while still occasionally showing off his bounce and doing some artistic things on the side. For example, recording a rap video about the Hornets called “We Dem Hornets.”

So what is the artist up to in his post NBA days? He’s putting that art degree to work and working as a painting artist with his own Art Show.

I like the art that Mason is doing now but for my taste, this is still the most beautiful art he’s ever created.

desmond_mason3Desmond-Mason-NBA-Dunk-Contest-2001_m  98e296573147199bd091194f514f7d9f desmondmason


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