When you watching TV and realize you on TV…(Dion Waiters lol) pic.twitter.com/t9y0NseHSu — Anthony Slater (@anthonyVslater) July 7, 2015 Dion Waiters was born to play basketball ...(Read more)

Dion Waiters Got Really Creepy At A Summer League Game

Dion Waiters was born to play basketball and appear in 7 second Vine clips.  

On Tuesday, the Shaqtin’ a Fool regular who is a favorite among the Vine community joined new coach Billy Donovan on the sidelines of the Thunder/Clippers game.  While watching a TV he started doing his best LL Cool J impersonation and of course a camera caught him doing his creepy impersonation. 

So what’s the best Waiters Vine clip ever?  This one with ex teammate LeBron James.



Speaking of LeBron and creepy tongues, this is a good time to pull out the “LeBron is possessed illuminati” clip. 

And this creepy one by Big Baby Davis. 

Last one I promise: Draymond Green giving Blake Griffin some tongue. 

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