Dirk Nowitzki says “Sky hook is still a work in progress”

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| October 4th, 2014 | 99 Views

“The sky hook is still a work in progress. I might keep that for year 18. We’re still working on it…”

Mark Cuban said he doesn’t expect any of his players to score 20 points a night and doesn’t want Dirk to be a “20-point scorer.” But if Dirk manages to occasionally slip in the most unstoppable offensive move into his offensive repetoire then I don’t see how he’s not going to be a casual 20-point scorer.

“The sky hook is a tough shot, especially if you have no move, if you don’t come out of the rhythm and just turn around and shoot it,” said Nowitzki, who ranks 10th among all-time scorers, a mere 11,601 points behind Abdul-Jabbar. “That’s why no one else is shooting it like Kareem. I don’t know how he did it. That shot is unbelievable.

“Out of the move, it’s OK. Once I’ve got a running start, I can actually shoot it OK. The problem is I’m 36. I don’t get a lot of running starts anymore, so I’m screwed.”

Even at age 25/26, Dirk was able average nearly 22 a game last season with his jumper and fadeaway.

“I don’t just want to rely on a fadeaway all the time,” Nowitzki said. “Sometimes you have to go middle, make a strong move there, get fouled or swing a little hook. I’ve just got to mix it up a little bit more than just a right-shoulder fadeaway all the time.”

Source: ESPN


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