Draymond Green Didn’t Cry Over All-Star Selection Because He Didn’t Want To Be The Next ‘Crying Jordan’ Meme…Too Bad

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Every player wants to be the “Next MJ.” That is, unless you are talking about the “crying MJ” made famous via the internet.

After being selected to his first All-Star game, Draymond Green held back his tears so he wouldn’t become a replacement for the infamous Jordan meme.

“I almost started crying, but I knew I was on TV. And I didn’t want them to kill me on Instagram … and make me the crying face instead of [Michael] Jordan’s Hall of Fame face.”

So in honor of Draymond’s well-deserved selection and conscious effort to not become a Meme. Here’s Draymond with the MJ crying face and some of his most meme worthy moments and expressions.












And since Draymond’s selection wouldn’t have been possible without the help of his teammates, I can’t help but show this assist from the triple double leader.