Drew Gooden double off the glass pass

Was this a travel? Did he get 2 offensive boards for this play?

So many questions about a play by a player that we all had so many questions about.  He went from this clean cut 4th pick…


to this guy….

He also stopped in Orlando and Cleveland before Chicago and Sacramento, San Antonio, Dallas, LA, Milwaukee and Washington since.

I’ve always been high on Drew’s potential and been accused of being high for drafting him year after year in fantasy leagues. If you have ever owned him on your fantasy team then you probably know what I mean and know the love/hate feeling from watching him get 7 points and 20 rebounds one night, 21 points and 3 rebounds the next night and then have a streak of games where he doesn’t get 5 points or 5 boards.  It was baffling and left me with so many questions…just like this pic of him and AK.



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