Dwyane Wade Slaps LeBron On The Butt After Hitting A Step-Back 3 Over Him

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“Doesn’t he look good, everybody?” Said Dwyane Wade in front of 50+ media members as LeBron James walked into the United Center loading dock decked out in a Cubs uniform because of a lost bet to Wade.

He really did but could have looked a little better during the Cavs loss to the Bulls on Friday night. James did have a game-high 27 points and 13 assists but also had 8 turnovers and some difficulties guarding his good friend and former teammate, who treated the night like it was a prank night on LeBron.

Early in the 3rd, Wade went 1-on-1 with LeBron, hit a step-back three, then gave LeBron an a$$ slap as the two banana boat riders ran down the court.

Up by four with a little more than two minutes left in regulation, Wade and LeBron went at each other again and this time Wade dribbled back and forth before dribbling past LeBron and hitting a tough layup.

The final result was Chicago 111 and Cavs 105. Wade had 24 points on 11 of 23 shooting to go with five boards and four assists.  As mentioned, LeBron had 27 points (13-22 fg), 13 assists and eight turnovers.

“We got to get out of the honeymoon stage,” James said. “You got to play the game, the right way. We’ve got to battle every night like we ain’t won nothing. Last year is last year. After ring night is over with, now it’s a new season and everybody is gunning for us every night and we have to understand that. The honeymoon stage is over. It’s time to play some real ball and be physical, especially in the trenches. Giving up 78 points (in the paint) is ridiculous. We’ve got to man up. Everybody.”