Dwyane Wade Rejects Terrence Jones’ Dunk | Top 20 Wade Blocks On Superstars

Published on February 3rd, 2016 by Astramskas, David | 1,328 views

Dwyane Wade must have been inspired by yesterday’s popular video of his 13 year old son, Zaire, dropping dimes and blocking shots. The Heat took on the Rockets that night and Wade had the block of the night when he rejected a dunk attempt by Terrence Jones.  As much as I want to joke around and say “Like son, Like father,” D-Wade is probably the best shot-blocking guard of all-time.

For those who remember Wade, long before his son was blocking shots in a mixtape, he was always one of the top shot blocking guards in the NBA. And in 2013, he surpassed the late great Dennis Johnson as the all-time leading shot blocker among 6’4 and under players. He’s had so many impressive blocks that a “Top 100 Blocks” mix actually exists.

If you just want to see Wade rejecting the league’s best, then check out this nice top 20 countdown featuring him rejecting just the cream of the crop.  And just for trivia fun, the player Wade has rejected the most times in his career is big-man Dwight Howard with 9 blocks!



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