Dwyane Wade’s First Great Flop As A Chicago Bull

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Dwyane Wade

I saw three great performances on Saturday night. Two came from the lead actresses (Ella Ballentine & Zoe Kazan) in the new film “The Monster.” The third came from Dwyane Wade, when fell to the floor after “contact” from the Wizards’ Jason Smith during the Bulls and Wizards game.

The flop was Wade’s first great flop as a member of the Bulls and his best acting performance since GM5 and 7 of the Heat and Raptors series last season.

Back to Saturday night, if you want to see what a real scary fall looks like, then click here to watch Wade’s teammate Doug McDermott take a nasty fall after a flagrant foul later in the game. ┬áIf you want to watch a really good “scary” movie, then check out “The Monster.”

And if you want to see Wade’s best flop ever, here you go.