Enes Kanter leaves a hilarious note for ex teammate Al Jefferson

Published on December 22nd, 2013 by Astramskas, David | 3,727 views


Enes Kanter has replaced JaVale McGee as the main star of Shaqtin’ a Fool but the funniest thing he has done all season might be this note that he wrote and left for ex teammate and current Bobcat Al Jefferson.  In the note he told Big Al that he was going to “pump fake him all night long” and Jeremy Evans was going to dunk on him.

Well, Kanter didn’t do much (8 points) in his 17 minutes against Jefferson and the Cats and Jeremy Evans didn’t dunk on Jefferson either but the Jazz did pull out a 3 point win and Derrick Favors did get a nice dunk on/by/near Jefferson.

As funny as this note probably was to Al Jefferson, it’s nowhere near as funny as the time Al almost had a heart attack watching a rookie Kanter dance.





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