Feedback on the New NBA Live 15 Visuals Trailer

Call me old school, loyal or whatever but I have a soft spot for NBA Live and EA and will always try my hardest to support them although I have to admit our relationship has been rocky for the past few years and it doesn’t help when much more attractive games are trying to get my attention.  With that said, after seeing the new NBA Live 15 Visuals trailer, I think I owe it to EA to give Live another shot and everybody else should too but again, I have a soft spot for the game and nowhere near as critical as some gamers are when it comes to graphics.

Let’s take a look at this response from TheRealHard8Times on Youtube.

That Blake Griffin dunk at 0:33 look so goofy most of the animations still look goofy. Graphics may look better then last yr. but that’s not saying a lot Live 14 graphics was TERRIBLE I bet the gameplay will still be trash and arcade style SMDH. The only sports dept. at EA that get it right is the Fifa and NHL team

That comment is the most liked comment for the video with 79. But coming in a close 2nd with 69 is this shot at 2k.

At least they improved 2k makes the same game every year and take your fucking money.

61 people also liked this comment,

Way better this year, they are stepping up the graphical improvements

So it seems that most people agree that Live is heading in the right direction but it’s going to be a difficult fight to get their men back from 2k.

This trailer just shitted on Nba Live 14, but Nba 2k15’s Yakkem trailer shitted on this trailer, and the Yakkem was out before this one. What I’m getting to is that EA topped their own game but still failed to top 2k. This looks cool though

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