Flashback: When Allan Houston tried to guard Allen Iverson one-on-one for 7 seconds

Published on November 6th, 2012 by Astramskas, David | 6,882 views

We all remember hitting the replay or rewind (if you are old) button to watch Iverson shake Michael Jordan one-on-one over and over again. ¬†Nothing against arguably the best defensive guard of all-time because everybody gets shooked and everybody gets dunked on but it made the world say if this man can do this to the GOAT what can he do against a two that can’t couldn’t guard a goat…a real goat..not an acronym G.O.A.T that eats up Knicks and Jazz players instead of grass. ¬† That two i’m picking on today is Allan Houston who had to spend 7 seconds once trying to stay in front of Allen Iverson while not looking like he’s a fat kid on ice.

Best part of the video is the horrible replay courtesy of the camera that was also faked out by AI.

Shout out to PennyCCWai for being obsessed with Iverson



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