G-Smith is a beast & these 3 vine clips prove it

Published on August 18th, 2014 by Astramskas, David | 7,332 views


Back in 2012, we had the pleasure of spending a summer with G-Smith on the road during a 9 city dunk contest tour with Sprite.  After the tour, I called him the “world’s most underrated dunker.”  A few months later, Smith joined the Ball Up Streetball tour and since then we have had the pleasure of watching him continue to punish the rim – but with defenders in between him and the rim now.

I could easily post a hundred clips of him dunking but I wanted to show 3 of my personal favorite clips during the last 2 seasons of Ball Up.


The Dunk: self explanatory


The Push: I just love how Smith literally throws and bumps players out of his way to get to the rim


The Block: Yes he could have caught the ball or probably even head butted the ball but head at the rim volleyball spikes are always appreciated in highlight reels.

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