Gabe York 2 NASTY Poster Dunks @Elite 8 In Phoenix – Which Dunk Was Better??!!

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Matt Rodriguez is originally from the Bay Area but now resides in Southern California which has become the mecca of basketball mixtapes as that is where Ballislife really progressed and became what it is today. He grew up on 90's basketball and knows the dream team would own the wannadream team. "The greatest reward I've won is the team that I am surrounded by" - Matt Rodriguez

| September 21st, 2011

Johnny Hernandez termed a new saying this past weekend at the Elite 8 In Phoenix. It’s called “Whop em!” – it basically means getting the job done and victimizing your opponent. Gabe “Yorkie” York Whopped 2 victims….nearly 3! He was the highlight of the event and took us through what happened on each of the dunks. And yes he did get a technical for yelling “Ballislife” in the camera on the first. But hey! The technical was worth it!!gabe, york, uconn, university, of, connecticut, north, carolina, duke, ucla, usc, trojans, bruins, washington, huskies, state, oregon, arizona, tarheels, blue, devils, texas, unsigned, dunks, dunk, hoop, mixtape, ball, is, life

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