Gerald Green throws down the throwback double pump reverse dunk vs the Knicks

I bet you were expecting a windmill – Gerald Green’s choice of dunk when he’s all alone.  Actually over the past 14 years, the windmill has replaced the reverse dunk as the solo show off dunk to do.  In the late 80s and 90s, with the exception of the king of the windmill Dominique Wilkins, the reverse dunk was the “contest dunk” you would probably get from the Jordans, Kemps, Penny Hardaways and a young Kobe Bryant.

Speaking of contest dunks, I do love how when a player like Gerald Green does a basic (for him) reverse dunk in a game, people get all giddy but when the same person does a better variation of the dunk in the NBA dunk contest they call it boring.

Back to the game, unfortunately for Green, his shot was as bad as his reverse dunk was good against the Knicks.  He was 0-7 from downtown and the reverse dunk was 1 of only 2 shots he was able to make out of 16.


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