Gerald Green was going to dunk over a skateboarding Lil Wayne in the dunk contest | Full Dunk Contest

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After lying about why he was kicked out of the Heat game.  Then going off on LeBron, Wade, Bosh and the Heat at a concert.  Then being exposed for being a jealous superfan of LeBron.  Then hearing about how much Luther Campbell hates his guts and wants him banned from the city of Miami.  Lil Wayne went on 99 JAMZ and apologized  to LeBron and the city of Miami.  He also talked about why he blames this mess on “She-Wade” and talks about how he was supposed to perform with Alicia Keys (jealous rapper on fire?) during halftime of the All-Star game and be a prop for Gerald Green (If Green could make it out of the 1st round) in the dunk contest but he was “vetoed.”  I’m personally glad I didn’t have to listen to Wayne rap with Keys but I would of loved to have seen Gerald Green “dunk over Wayne riding a skateboard” especially if it could be done within 2 minutes and one additional try.

The dunk contest was more boring than last Thursday’s trade deadline but it’s not that bad if you just watch all of the made dunks within 10 minutes (video above) which is the amount of time it took Green to do his two dunks.  Don’t start saying i’m hating on Green because I’ve been a huge fan since his high school days in Texas and was showing up at every cameo I could in the past couple years including his MVP performance at last year’s D-League All-Star game and the TJ Ford charity game this past summer.  I’m just saying, the dunk contest was bad, his 2nd dunk wasn’t that impressive after 2 minutes of attempts and him jumping over Lil Wayne riding a skateboard sounds like it could be a (amusing) disaster…or just another (amusing) lie from Lil Wayne.


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