Girl drops two defenders with a behind the back move

Published on May 19th, 2013 by Astramskas, David | 5,165 views

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Turn my speakers up (rapper voice).  Usually on “amateur videos” I would recommend turning the speakers down but, and I know this sounds little twisted until you see the video, hearing the sound of these two girls hitting the floor at the same time as if they were shot and then a women screaming like “my baby just got shot” before it turns to a joyous daaamn is actually quite funny.

If you just played the audio of the defenders dropping and the beginning of the women screaming you might think you were watching some silly fight video on WorldStar.  Regardless of who got shot or not, this girl’s behind the back double defender dropping move deserves a spot on WorldStar and speaking of spots, somebody clean up those two wet spots on the floor.  Don’t worry it’s not blood, just sweat and pride.





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