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Good Sport | Firsts & Beginnings

Sports journalism is pretty straight forward for the modern day viewer.  It’s lack of raw creative content is at an all time low. Dishing out information that is clear, cut, and at times in depth. Some Stories may be polished for certain viewers & some stories consist of minor tweaks to keep things nice & tidy for people and media publications.

Introducing Good Sport. A print magazine that reinvents the traditional sports publication. Their stories are real. Providing content on sports in the most truest and raw form you can imagine.  If you’re into the commercialized sports industry, this isn’t for you so stick with your Sports Illustrated magazines.  Good Sport brings insight to all sports, all over the world with interesting perspectives. From the game of basketball to professional tree climbing. Each story is reported from well established photographers, writers, illustrators whom all possess a creative outlook on sports.  The creatives who actually have a background in sports make contributions to the magazine, not your typical journalism graduate who just happened to land a gig with a sports publication.  Sports journalism is progressing, in ways not too many people would’ve ever imagined.

Issue 01 is now available at Good Sport, featuring stories on Ben Simmons of the LSU Tigers, an in-depth interview with the commissioner of the Drew League, & many more stories with raw content.

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 Ben Simmons of the LSU Tigers (cover story)


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