Grant Hill’s Best & Most Painful Commercials From the 90s

In the late 90s very few NBA players were as good, popular and marketable to the mainstream as the Piston’s Grant Hill.  He was willing to endorse any and everything but unlike most NBA players that would deliver one line at a time before a cut (ie Michael Jordan & Shaq) Grant was willing, for better or worse, to go all out and “Act.”  He was the NBA’s version of Marlon Brando with his method philosophy of acting…Ok, i’m kidding.  I’m kidding big time because most of his corny commercials were painfully unfunny and if you weren’t around to experience it during the Grant Hill era you can thank us for digging them up and giving you a good laugh and head shake.

I will start it off with 2 good commercials.  The first was during the last NBA lockout where him and Tim Duncan do odd jobs.  Hmmmm, I wonder if the Lockout experts video with Blake Griffin, Kevin Love, Artest & Adrian Peterson saw this?

Sprite Tall Men Lockout Ad

Fila Ad w/ Guru

Now to the bad as in

Sprite “Im a cowboy”

Fila w/ Bill Laimbeer

NBA: Cuisine Consulting with the Junk Yard Dog

McDonalds French Fries w/ Larry Bird

Crunch Bar


Fila Rookie Journal Series (1995)


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