Greg oden: leme hit that ass girl #vegas #palazzo #gregoden — Artur Bukujian (@Bukujian) July 28, 2013 Greg Oden has more memorable off the court ...(Read more)

Pelican in the Pool? Greg Oden chilling in Vegas

Greg Oden has more memorable off the court pics of him with women than he does memorable moments on a NBA court.  The latest pic floating around of the floating free agent that can’t decide between the Pelicans or the Heat shows Oden in a Las Vegas pool. Hopefully he didn’t have to wait long to get into the pool like he did at this Bacardi party last year.


The former #1 pick is still only 25 years old and despite 5 surgeries and not playing in a NBA game for almost 4 years, he looks like he’s in pretty good shape.  I’m pulling for him to make a comeback but the fact that he’s only played 82 games in 6 years doesn’t make me feel that optimistic.


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