Pacers Fan Delivers a Loud, Angry Message Telling Paul George to Stop Traveling

Published on April 29th, 2014 by Astramskas, David | 5,575 views

Mike Scott and the Atlanta Hawks lead the Pacers 61-43 at halftime of their Eastern Conference Game 5 playoff game Monday night. One leather-lunged fan inside Bankers Life Fieldhouse wasn’t too pleased with the home team’s effort, telling them:

“Hey George, why don’t you start playing some basketball and stop traveling? I guess you’re ready to go home in the first round You ready to go home in the first round against Atlanta!! You’re supposed to be an All-Star. Start playing ball and stop traveling!!!!!!!!!!!”

Rarely does audio from the stands come across this crystal clear on television.

That said, it’s a fair point by the fan and was neither vulgar or obscene, especially in light of how Indiana finished up the regular season. I’m also fairly certain the Pacers players heard and it used it for additional halftime locker room motivation.


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