How Many Steps Did Carmelo Anthony Take On This Epic Travel

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Carmelo Anthony

The refs were feeling so bad for Melo and the Knicks on Monday night, they figured they could let the players get away with an extra step, or two, three, four or five.  The Knicks scored a season-low 78 points and just 30 in the first half (11 in the 2nd quarter).  They also shot just 32.2% from the field which was the worst for the Knicks in their last 212 games.

“We missed shots early. It kind of got us down a little bit,” Anthony said. “We did a much better job in the second half making the adjustment. But by that time we were already in the hole.”

Melo finished with 21 but made just 6 0f 16 from the floor. The most amusing of those misses was the travel at the end of the 3rd.

Down by 19 with 29 seconds left in the 3rd, Melo took about 6 steps before pulling up for a quick 3 – which was missed.