HS Player Oman “Oh Man” Oman Hits A Full-Court Game-Winner

Make your free throws big man! If big man (he really is big) would have made just one of the two free throw attempts, then Northfield would have been up by 3 with 1.6 seconds left on the clock, and the ball probably wouldn’t have ended up in the hands of Oman “Oh Man” Oman who ended up winning the game with a full court game-winner.

“It was just a reaction. I just got the ball, and I threw it up. Luckily it went in. It kind of surprised me,” said Oman who only had 2 points before the game-winner. “I was happy and everyone was charging at me. It was good feeling.”

Austin remains a perfect 4-0 after Oman had the crowd saying “Oh my God” with his miracle shot.

Source: Austin Daily Herald