Ian Mahinmi dunks on Kelly Olynyk

Published on December 23rd, 2013 by Astramskas, David | 679 views

Lance Stephenson had his 3rd triple double last night and Ian Mahinmi did his part to make sure the face of And1 and one of the most exciting players this season reached 10 assists when he caught the ball and dunked it hard over Boston’s Kelly Olynyk in the 2nd.

Ian missed the free throw and only made 1 other field goal but he did what he was supposed which was to grab boards (8), foul the ish out of players (5) and dunk on anybody that gets in his way (1).

It’s nice to see Ian on the other end of a poster because he’s usually the guy looking up at the guy throwing the ball through the rim.  It was also nice to see him dunk on Olynyk because there’s just something about him (it’s the hair) that makes him look like a guy that deserves to be dunked on.  Kind of like Kris Humphries last year and wouldn’t you know it, Ian dunked on Kim K’s ex too.




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