Image Gallery of Allen Iverson & Rafer Alston in China with Ballup

Players in this post:
Rafer Alston Allen Iverson

For the past week, China has been treated with some great exhibition basketball games featuring Allen Iverson, ex NBA player and streetball legend Rafer “Skip To My Lou” Alston and the Ballup streetball crew.  That crew features streetball’s finest that took the torch of bringing streetball to the mainstream masses that Rafer started on the original And1 Mixtape and Iverson helped promote on the NBA stage.

Aside from the Mixtape legends like Bone Collector, Professor, Air Up There and Special FX, the Ballup crew also contains new faces like Pat The Roc, Mr Afrika and Sprite Uncontainable All-Star and Showdown winner G-Smith.

The following are photos taken from the China exhibition tour by Wa Michael. You can view his work on Flickr at

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