Impact Week 2 Day 1 Mix: SICK Highlights W/ Chauncy Billups, Kenyon Martin, Josh Selby, Kyle Lowry, Al Harrington & Many more!

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Matt Rodriguez is originally from the Bay Area but now resides in Southern California which has become the mecca of basketball mixtapes as that is where Ballislife really progressed and became what it is today. He grew up on 90's basketball and knows the dream team would own the wannadream team. "The greatest reward I've won is the team that I am surrounded by" - Matt Rodriguez

| September 26th, 2011

The 2nd week of the Impact Competitive Basketball League has kicked off as many of the players have returned and some new faces have made their way to Vegas. Featuring: Chauncy Billups, Kenyon Martin, Josh Selby, Mo Williams, Kyle Lowry, Al Harrington, Travis Leslie, Jeremy Evans, Christian Eyenger, James Anderson, Correy Maggette, Randy Foye, JJ Hickson, Marreese Speights and Corey Brewer.

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