Inside look at the Jason Markk flagship w/ Levi Maestro

Jason Markk has become the go to solution when it comes to getting your sneakers squeaky clean.  I know that the Jason Markk cleaning solution works first hand for a fact.  When I was working at a sneaker boutique, shoes would be all over the place, customers snatching them to look at, trying the shoes on & sometimes even just holding onto them just in case they wanted to purchase the sneaker.  Regardless the sneaker would somehow someway get dirty.  So at this boutique we sold & used the solution to clean the sneakers, IT WORKS.

Now fast forward a couple years later.  Jason Markk went from being a simple shoe cleaning solution to having their very own flagship shop in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. Along with selling their signature shoe cleaning solution they also offer Sneaker Cleaning Services.  Just like the dry cleaners, all you have to do is drop off your kicks & the friendly staff with take care of you and your shoes with tremendous care, while offering suggestions on how to make your shoes look fresh again.

Check out the video below where Levi Maestro gets an inside look to where Jason Markk started from.  Levi also got some of his kicks taken care of as well.  Be sure to follow Levi who has developed strong relationships with the likes of Blake Griffin, Chris Bosh & Kevin Love.

Source: MaestroKnows