I love the group Disclosure. I even got tickets to see them perform in Houston for Christmas.  I love(d) the show NBA Inside Stuff. I even ...(Read more)

Inside Stuff’s latest Jam Session is so bad that the editor posted an apology

I love the group Disclosure. I even got tickets to see them perform in Houston for Christmas.  I love(d) the show NBA Inside Stuff. I even still have a stack of VHS tapes with episodes from the 90s. But I’ve been pretty critical of the 2013 reboot calling it DOA and one of my biggest issues with the current show is what was the highlight of each episode – Jam Session!

This past weekend’s edition featuring the music of Disclosure might be the best example of how bad the show and segment can get. To show that the feeling is unanimous and not some personal beef on my end, I’m just going to repost comments on the YouTube video that currently has 282 likes and 118 dislikes – a pretty bad ratio.

UPDATE: It’s so bad that the editor of the video apologized in the comments.

Amy Langefels
Wow! You are the best fans in the world, and I guess i owe everyone an apology. I did not pick the song, but i did do the editing/producing. In earnest i am not a fan of the music either! My job is to make the most of what they give me. And in this case it was NOTHING! With that, i went about imaging what Discloser would do with the NBA. Obviously i was WRONG!



Golden Hoops1
Dear NBA, you have all the tools to make a decent NBA mix (the music, sound/video effects, footage of each team/player, professional editors and the newest editing programs) and you come up with this ?! lol – I have no professional editing experience (I use my old Sony Vegas program) and I literally learned how to “mix” by reading and learning from the YouTube comments.. You guys should probably do the same… We only want some epic nba mixes with some aggressiveness to them!

guilherme brito21
Haha, I’m an editor and I love this song, but 5 seconds into this promo I was thinking the exact same thing. They probably had it done by a studio in India for a 1/4 of the price to save a few bucks since the NBA is so “poor.”

Simon Eldaoud8
The problem is not the song its that it dosent match with the nba and what the subscribers want. Cmon nba if we dont like this why do you keep showing it to us ????

Master Yoda1
Awful this is.

My god! NBA what are you doing?

Stone B. Films1
Probably the worst song I’ve heard used in one of these. :L

Tyrone McIntosh1
I only click on these videos to read the comments about how bad the video is xD

James Austria1
Yeeeee Disclosure!
But I have to say, the mix was a hot mess, ahaha

Max Bedor
This was the most poorly produced video I have ever seen.

Get that bigot Donald Sterling out of the league. Fuck this music and the terrible video, Silver should be focusing on removing this man from the state of California.

Will Quinones
this is worst than donald sterling being racist wtf is this?

Now this is a Jam Session

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