Since arriving on the dunk scene a year ago, Kendall Boyd Hill aka Kasper, has already been featured on national television for a special called “Life ...(Read more)

Life of a Pro Dunker | Interview w/ Showdown Finalist Kasper

Since arriving on the dunk scene a year ago, Kendall Boyd Hill aka Kasper, has already been featured on national television for a special called “Life of a Pro Dunker”, done numerous basketball shows, racked up hundreds of thousands of YouTube views and was selected to endorse those APL shoes that were “banned by the NBA”

We talked to Kasper about his  name, look and how does it feel to make a living off getting above the rim.

How did you get the nickname Kasper?
Kasper was a childhood nickname given to me by one of my uncles. I actually didn’t like the name when I was younger and was actually going by the name “K-Dawg” all up until highschool. I decided to allow people to call me “Kasper” primarily because “K-Dawg” was a more common nickname, and me being me, I don’t like having too many similarities with others. All in all, the nickname was giving to me because of my light skin complexion. I just added the “K” at the beginning because my first name starts with a “K”!

I know you must hate the Wacka Flacka comments but have you ever used this to your advantage?
Yes, I absolutely hate it when people call me Wacka Flacka! My attitude instantly goes negative. I don’t think that I’ve ever used it to my advantage though.

You were featured on a nationally televised feature called Life of a dunker. So how has your life of a dunker been and where do you see it going?
It’s been great! I’m still in “awe” because I’m so young and I’m considered one of the greatest dunkers alive! I’m been in so many local celebrity all-star games, played with different streetball teams, and often getting praised by “fans”, yes FANS! I still see myself as just another athlete and I’m not as famous as people make me seem! But I am a legend here in my hometown! But, that’s only just the beginning, I plan on taking over this dunking stuff for the next few years, and ride it til the wheels fall off!!!

You seem to have a very close relationship with your mom. I see her supporting you on Facebook & Twitter. Tell me about your Mom.
According to my mom, she’s my “biggest fan” lol! She’s always supported me throughout my life with everything I’ve done and always kept me in sports, rather it was basketball, football, track, baseball, or even karate! We’re actually like best friends, and all of my friends call her “Mom or Mama” as well! She definitely doesn’t act her age, she think she’s still my age sometimes, and she’s always saying, “I don’t like to go out with people my age, I’d rather go to the arcade or bowling with you and your friends.” I can’t get too personal about her, but I’m sure if there’s anything you’d want to know about her, she’ll be more than willing to answer anything!

What is your favorite personal dunk moment?
Personal dunk moment…that’s actually a tough one. Well right now, it’s definitely going to be attending this whole Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown event at the NBA All-Star game! Like, never in a million years did I think just being able to dunk the ball would ever get me this far!

Who was your favorite dunker or inspiration growing up?
My favorite dunkers growing up were Vince Carter and Shawn Kemp. Vince Carter is my favorite player and I couldn’t wait to be able to dunk like him! I used to watch all his highlights before everyone of my high school games. When it comes to creativity, I was inspired by “Golden Child” , T-Dub, Air Up There, Kenny Dobbs, and Troy “Rudeboi” McCray. Along with Vince Carter, those are who I get my style and creativity from.

Who is your pick for the NBA dunk contest?
I wish they would let more than 4 people back into the dunk contests like back in the day, it’ll be much more entertaining. But I’m picking Paul George. I think him and Iman Shumpert will be the final two battling it out though.

What is your gameplan for winning the sprite showdown?
Simple, make my dunks, keep the crowd into it, and have a “counter-dunk” for every dunk my opponents perform! Definitely have to take advantage of the 2-minute clock though!

[youtube id=”S7S10WTXcK4″ width=”600″ height=”350″]



WHEN: 2.24.12 @ 4:25PM EST on | 2.25.12 @ 1:30PM EST on NBATV

For the past three years, the best “Amateur” dunk contest in the world has been taking place the night before the  NBA Dunk Contest during All-Star weekend. In front of  LeBron James, special hip hop guests like Drakeand this year J. Cole (who will also be performing) , dunk legend Darryl Dawkins and our Sprite Showdown All-Stars Reemix & Los, 4 finalist will compete for the dunk title, $10k and the honor of presenting the trophy to the NBA player who wins the NBA Sprite Slam Dunk Contest the next night.

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