Is This Real Life? One of the Most Insane & Dangerous In-Game Between the Legs Dunks You Will Ever See!

Published on July 6th, 2015 by Astramskas, David | 13,125 views

On initial viewing of this clip, which looks like it was capped from a VHS tape, it seems we just witnessed the greatestĀ fast break dunk ever: an in-game between the legs dunk with the player getting head and shoulders above the rim. On closer inspection, you can see he was able to get a boost by jumping off the back of a teammate.

In 9 out 10 instances of people attempting this dunk, it becomes material for AFV or Tosh.O, so props to these guys for not only avoiding a major dunk FAIL, but by executing a “real life gamebreaker.”

This is how the dunk (and the dunker) usually go down.

There’s a few more in this dunk Fail compilation – the best is at the 2:47 mark.



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