Isaiah Austin and my new favorite moment in NBA Draft History

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Zach LaVine Julius Randle

I was expecting my new favorite moments in NBA Draft history to happen when Ballislife All-Americans Zach LaVine & Glenn Robinson III as well as long time supporter Julius Randle were called to the stage by Adam Silver.  I was excited to see the beast that is Julius become Kobe Bryant’s future teammate, especially since my 2 favorite past draft moments were the Magic’s selection of Shaq in 92 and the 96 trade that brought Kobe to LA.  I was excited to see the high flying Zach get picked and reading his lips when they announced he was picked by the Timberwolves. I was excited to see TWolves also draft the Big Dog’s son in the 2nd round.

But those moments didn’t make my night and become my new favorite moment in NBA draft history.  That moment happened when Adam Silver said “the NBA selects Isaiah Austin from Baylor University” between the 15th and 16th pick.  It was a moment none of us were expecting and probably will never forget.  It’s a moment that made me shed a tear and that’s something I’ve never done in 22 years while watching the event where some dreams are realized and unfortunately sometimes destroyed.

I don’t know what’s in the future for Austin, but I can say it was a real honor following him over the past few years.

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