For those who want to debate, I played against Magic and Jordan neither player had handles like @kingjames! — Isiah Thomas (@iamisiahthomas) December 25, 2012 Pretty ...(Read more)

Isiah Thomas says LeBron has better handles than Magic Johnson & Michael Jordan

Pretty interesting tweet coming from one of the greatest ball handlers ever that did play against Jordan and Magic during the 80s and early 90s.

The issue with most debates on this topic is what they mean by “handles.”  If it’s about tricks and ball handling moves then I’ll say Jamal Crawford is better than all three.  While I’m at, it I’ll bring up guys like God Shamgod, Jason Williams, Rafer Alston and even streetball legends like Hot Sauce.  If we are talking about handles as in the ability to protect the ball and make the right pass then you have to include guys like John Stockton near the top of the list.

I consider Magic Johnson to be the greatest point guard ever and the player I would take over any player in history to build a team around.  I’m not saying he’s “better” than Jordan or even LeBron, i’m just saying if I want to build a championship team I want to start with the best floor general of all-time.  Since I’m calling Magic the GOAT at the 1 position I have to consider him as the GOAT of “handles.”

As for Jordan’s handles, I wrote an article a year ago called “Michael Jordan Could of Been The Best Point Guard Ever. Want Proof” that talked about the 1989 experiment of Doug Collins to let MJ play the point for 24 games.  The result was an insane average of 29pts 9rebs 11ast 2stls a game and a triple double in 10 out of 11 games including 7 consecutive ones.  I would say you have to have some exceptional “handles” to pull off those numbers.

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