Isiah Thomas & Steve Smith on when you should score & pass

Published on August 4th, 2014 by Astramskas, David | 5,914 views

“You always come into a game – pass first. But you always have to have the threat of scoring.” – Isiah Thomas

There’s been very few players in the history of the NBA that were as great at passing as they were scoring like Isiah Thomas. ┬áDuring Thomas’ early years, he was good for 20 & 10 a night and in 1984 he led the league with 13.9 assists a game while putting up 21 points a game. ┬áDuring that same All-Star season, Thomas had 8 games with 20+ assists and 9 games of 30+ points including a 30pt/20ast game and a 25pt/24ast game.

On Open Court, the great Thomas, as well as Steve Smith, had some great advice about when you shoot and when you should pass.

Here’s an example of when Thomas knew he needed to score.





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