ItsReal85: Uncensored NBA Trash Talk 12 (Manu on Tmac not getting a ring, KG sold crack, jack)

Published on June 29th, 2013 by Astramskas, David | 6,554 views


ItsReal85 released 2 videos within 24 hours! This is as great as Kanye, J Cole and Mac Miller releasing a new album on the same day.  Unlike some of those albums, I wasn’t disappointed with the latest spoof video.

You know the drill, if you are offended easily or too gullible to ever leave the custody of your parents then don’t watch the video…and yes the video IS REAL.

  • Clutch the Bear says Eff your tan
  • Mike Woodson yells at his players for asking to shoot
  • Manu talks about Tmac not getting a ring
  • Wade put voodoo in LeBron’s headband
  • Dwight is Dwight
  • Duncan messing with Sean Elliot
  • Bosh is Bosh
  • LeBron videobombs Bosh
  • KG on his previous career

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