James Harden Allows An Uncontested Dunk So He Could Yell At A Ref

Like Charles Barkley before him, James Harden has gained an exaggerated rep for being one of the worst defenders in the league. With that said, it’s really hard to defend (no pun intended) Harden’s defensive abilities when he does stuff like this: yells at a ref while Lance Thomas dribbles past him for an uncontested dunk.

Luckily for Harden and the Rockets, the Knicks got turnover happy in the 2nd half (8 in the 4th & OT) and Houston was able to get the W. Harden had a team-high 26 but was just 10 of 28 from the floor.

I guess we will be seeing an extended cut of this mix soon.

Which will also include a few clips from this video.