Earlier this week, Coach D’Antoni said James Harden was officially the point(s) guard of the Rockets. The Beard took the role so seriously he decided to ...(Read more)

James Harden Rocks Out To Adele While Rocking Short Shorts In Practice

Earlier this week, Coach D’Antoni said James Harden was officially the point(s) guard of the Rockets. The Beard took the role so seriously he decided to wear shorts to practice that even John Stockton would feel uncomfortable wearing. And if seeing Harden rocking short shorts wasn’t amusing enough, he was also rocking out to Adele in the video above.

The real question is: Will he, or any other NBA player, start rocking short shorts in a NBA game?

Chris Douglas-Roberts tried to bring the shorts back in style back in 2014 but nobody remembers him. On the high school basketball scene, recent prep stars like Terrance Ferguson have helped make shorter shorts (not John Stockton short) popular and if you went to any major AAU events this past summer then you saw a lot of knees and quads.

Back to Harden, this wasn’t the first time he showed off his legs in practice. Here’s the first time we remember seeing him rocking short shorts.



“I don’t know what it feels like to wear a thong, but I imagine it feels something like what we had on in the first half,” Kobe said after wearing short shorts in a 2007 game vs the Celtics. “I felt violated. I felt naked. It’s one thing to see films with guys wearing those things. … I’d rather stay warm, man.”

6 year earlier, Kobe, his teammate Shaq, Tracy McGrady and 5 other players were fined for wearing shorts that David Stern thought were too long and then in 2005, 13 more players, including Allen Iverson, were fined $10k each for wearing “long” shorts.

”Would all the kids then wear John Stockton shorts? No, they wouldn’t.” said a fake crying Shaq when asked about the fine. “They would laugh at me, and I wouldn’t be their favorite player any more. I’d be the laughingstock of big men.”

Every once in a while some player will flirt with the idea of wearing short shorts but in the end, they know not even a superstar like LeBron James could make it popular.

“I’m just wondering how in the heck they played like that. I might bring it back, though.” said LeBron to ESPN. “I might play in some small shorts this year. Pay my homage to the ’80s, to Dr. J and John Stockton. I don’t think it’s going to catch on, but I’m going to do it one game, maybe opening night. I can’t go all the way up (the legs), though. Athletes today are built a little differently in the legs.”


One of Michael Jordan’s biggest contributions to the game is one that he doesn’t get credit enough for.  In 1989, to cover his UNC shorts and to prevent his shorts from falling down because he had a habit of tugging on them when he gets tired, the Goat asked Champion to make wider and longer shorts. Then his teammate Scottie Pippen started wearing them and then the entire league requested the shorts.

Due to MJ’s popularity and the popularity of the UNLV Runnin Rebels with Larry Johnson and the Plastic Man, everybody who dribbled a basketball soon wanted to wear longer shorts and once Chris Webber and the Fab Five introduced the super baggy shorts, the Stockton style short shorts were officially dead.

So good luck to CDR on resurrecting the dead with the Clippers. You will probably have a better shot at convincing the Clippers to bring back Donald Sterling.

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