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James Harden Treating Kids At His Basketball Camp Like And1 Mixtape Defenders

Were you expecting to see defense at a James Harden camp?

While Kevin Durant was making me and the media look like a bunch of wanna-be ballers in Austin, his former teammate and Shaqtin’ a Fool MVP James Harden was 3 hours east making kids look like fools at his annual basketball camp in H-Town.

In the amusing clip above, Harden does his best And1 mixtape move on a confused camper, dunks and then celebrates by jumping up and down with the little campers; If you replace those little kids with strippers then you have an idea of how it looks when Harden walks into one of the many, many, many “Gentleman” spots in Houston. I can’t remember the name of the exact spot (help me out Mignon Ashley) but there’s a club in Houston that actually has (or had) a giant poster poster of Harden behind the main stage.

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