Jason Collins, the Babe Ruth of the NBA, called his own dunk

In the past year, Jason Collins has been called everything from the most derogatory homophobic slurs to a hero and even being compared to Jackie Robinson by some media folks.  One person I never though he would be compared to is Babe Ruth but Collins had a (baby) Ruth like moment last week.

Check out this story from The Brooklyn Game

Before entering a Nets blowout over the Cleveland Cavaliers, Jason Collins made a boastful prediction on the bench. According to Deron Williams, Collins called to his bench mates that he was going to dunk at some point in his three-minute stint, and Joe Johnson didn’t believe him.

“He told Joe he was going to dunk,” Williams said after the game. “I don’t know how he called that.”

After the dunk, Collins pointed to Johnson, making sure he’d seen it.

During the same game, Deron Williams threw down his 2nd dunk (first if you don’t count his rimmer dunk) of the season and his teammates laughed over who had the better dunk between him and Collins.

“(Collins is) seven feet, so he has the advantage,” Kidd said after the game. “But I don’t know if anybody’s going to pay to see them in the dunk contest.”

Check out the feature from The Starters above for video and commentary.


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