Jay Electronica’s Roc Nation album finally Done | Top 20 Jay Songs

From SoulCuture

From all the reports I’ve received, Jay Electronica‘s highly anticipated Roc Nation debut album Act 2: Patents of Nobility is FINALLY in the bag and Mr Electronica is in New York locking down the release details. So while we wait, Jay Electronica is about to release a missile from the project later today (possibly early hours of Monday for all my fellow UK peoples). Peep the artwork for what I’m guessing is entitled “Call Of Duty” after the jump.”

I first heard Jay’s mixtape masterpiece in 2007 where he sampled the film score of “Eternal Sunshine”.  I was telling everybody the hottest rapper of next year is going to Jay Electronica every since except for this year when I just gave up thinking he was going to release an album.  So to my surprise I hear that his Roc Nation debut album is finally completed and singles are going to start dropping next week.

To go with this teaser here’s my top 5 favorite Jay songs

Screw it. Too much good stuff to choose from so here’s another person’s top 20 list. Pick 1 of those for my #5

[youtube id=”wWwFQSgQUyE” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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