JBA Coach Repeatedly Pushes Player, Tells Him To “Stop Being A B—h” During Game

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LiAngelo Ball

When I watch videos like this, I look at my WWSD wristband and ask myself, “What would the great Latrell Sprewell do?”

The “big story” from Thursday’s JBA League was supposed to be the debut of LiAngelo Ball, who put up a 53-point, triple-double (53/10/10) in a 171-140 victory against…who cares. What turned out to be the biggest story from the league’s set of games in Ontario, CA was the behavior of Chicago coach Edward Denard towards one of his players, Montrell Dixson.

With a little more than a minute left in the loss, Denard aggressively pushed Dixson twice in the chest with a closed fist before telling him to “stop being a bitch,” headbutting him and asking, “what the fuck you going to do?”

Reactions on the internet varied. Some called Denard “unprofessional” and his actions “assault.” Some said they would have turned into Sprewell and treated the coach like PJ Carlesimo. Some defended the coaching and said people are just “too soft” nowadays and there’s nothing wrong with a coach getting a little physical and/or verbal with their players…to “motivate them.” Others were just shocked LaVar Ball’s league was still around and people were actually attending the games.

If you actually do care about the game, it was won by Seattle, behind 27 points from Capri Uzan in his JBA debut.