Jeremy Lin is leaving Nike for Adidas

Published on January 4th, 2014 by Astramskas, David | 2,729 views

So what does Kanye West and Jeremy Lin have in common?

Besides both being labeled with words ending with “insanity,” according to Comcast Sportsnet, both internationally known personalities have decided to leave Nike for Adidas.¬†Kanye will gladly give you a million reasons why he left Nike but Adidas can give you 1,362,010,000 reasons why they want Linsanity to join their brand.

Nothing is confirmed yet but I’m assuming Adidas can thank Dwight Howard for helping make this happen and since Lin’s friend Chandler Parsons helped bring Howard to Houston, I guess Adidas should thank Chandler for many reasons.

Let’s just hope Adidas doesn’t try to put these out (I can ¬†make this joke about Chinese people because I’m half Vietnamese and that’s close enough)


Source: HoopedUpOnline

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