Joe Johnson breaks Chris Bosh’s ankles “Bosh, Bosh, Oh My Gosh”

Published on January 31st, 2013 by Astramskas, David | 5,128 views

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I thought Chris Bosh’s appearance on the Disney show “Jessie” was pretty painful to watch but watching Bosh dunk over Debby Ryan while she cheers “Bosh, Bosh, Oh My Gosh, Our Teams Gonna Kick Your Tosh” is nothing compared to watching the abuse he took trying to guard Joe Johnson last night.  JJ, who has actually broke a couple of ankles this season, gave Bosh a behind the back dribble move that would of had him flying into the 1st row if he didn’t bump into a teammate.  I guess Bosh didn’t have his lucky socks with him tonight (you have to watch the episode of Jessie to get it).

Props to JJ for not ruining the play by missing the jumper.  Then again this is the NBA and not And1 Mixtape Vol2.

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