Jonsey Does The “What Are Those?” Dunk During Warm-ups of TNT’s Top Secret ‘Dunk King’ Contest

Published on October 2nd, 2015 by Astramskas, David | 4,478 views


Did you hear about the epic TNT Dunk King contest that went down earlier this week? Probably not because it was pretty top secret and the dunkers all signed contracts that pretty much said they and their families would be murdered if they talked about the results of the event.  We know who the winner is and all of the crazy dunks that went down that had Shaq and Charles Barkley going crazy but we can’t share that news with you until the show airs…in 2016!

We can share with you some behind the scenes stuff including warm-up dunks.  And out of all of the the crazy warm-up dunks by the 32 contestants, this dunk by Zach Jones aka Jonsey is probably my favorite.

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