Jordan Farmar is back with the Lakers | Adidas commercial with Dwight, KG, Duncan, Tmac

Published on July 10th, 2013 by Astramskas, David | 3,932 views

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The Lakers may have lost a baby in Howard but a son is returning home from Turkey.  The newly married Jordan Farmar has reached a 1 year deal with LA but they still have to work on a buyout with Jordan’s current team.  Farmar signed a 3 year 10.5 million dollar deal last summer to play in Turkey.

“I wanted to be back in the NBA, but more importantly, back with the Lakers. This is the only situation I would have taken a minimum deal with.” Farmar said in a phone interview with ESPNLosAngeles.com.

It seems like it was just yesterday when Farmar was running with Dwight, KG, Duncan, T-Mac and Josh Smith in this Adidas commercial…but who invited Jordan to this run.

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I’m kidding and late congrats to Jordan & Jill.  This is one of the best wedding videos I’ve ever seen and a lot more pleasant to watch than Bridezillas.

[youtube id="3sJK00eZLoc" width="600" height="350"]

Source: ESPN

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