Josh Smith goes coast-to-coast & posterizes Brook Lopez who gives Smith a love tap on the head

Published on January 19th, 2013 by Astramskas, David | 1,260 views

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Josh Smith’s future in Atlanta isnt’ that clear.  He’s coming off a 1 game “detrimental to the team” suspension and in the final year of his 5 year contract.   There’s rumors that the Hawks want to keep Smith so they can make a run at his friend Dwight Howard in the summer and then there’s rumors that they will try to trade Smith before the deadline to the Lakers for his friend Dwight Howard.

That along with some frustrating losses is a lot to bounce around in Smith’s head and he let out all of his problems on Brook Lopez last night.   Brook made a good but unwise attempt to block Josh Smith who was going to the rim full steam.  They both went up, head level about the same, but as Lopez started to go down he gave Smith a love tap on the top of the head to say everything is going to be alright and then got posterized.   The good news for Lopez is the Nets came out with a 5 point win.  The good news for Smith is this play made a lot of Hawks fans forget about the suspension.

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