JR Smith on Playing with LeBron & Melo

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| May 9th, 2016 | 1,296 Views

When you think of JR Smith, you think of all his off court mishaps. When he’s on the court you think of his relentless horrible shot taking & occasionally shot making efforts for all the teams he has played for.

This time, this year, JR has a new mindset, he’s matured & he’s ballin’. With the Cleveland Cavaliers sweeping both of their opponents to start the playoffs, it looks like the Cavs’ are nobody to f*ck with. They’re definitely locked in & definitely a favorite to take the East. Swish will be playing a big role this time around, & he’s focused on bringing home a ring for the city of Cleveland, in hopes of disrupting a dream season out in the Bay Area.

Check the video above as the JR Smith goes on a Ride Along with Vice & opens up about his career including being traded from New York to Cleveland & playing with two greats such as Melo & LeBron.

Source: Vice Sports

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