JR Smith Rides a Citibike to the Knicks Game #BikeLife

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JR Smith

It looks like LeBron isn’t the only player about that “#BikeLife.”  The suspended JR Smith  rode a CitiBank bike to MSG last night to watch his Knicks get beat by the Bobcats.

JR can return Sunday and from the following Smith quotes via the NYPost, it sounds like Smith is about that “ChangedLife” too.

“It worked out kind of good, getting healthier, getting my mechanics down, focused on the knee getting to 100 percent as much as I can,’’ Smith said. “I’m trying to look at it in a positive way, getting more time to practice and prepare.‘’

“I’m home, watching, observing, waiting for my turn,’’ Smith said. “I definitely see how much they missed me, but I’m just one person. It’s still a collective team effort and we’re just turning the ball over too much.’’

“I’m ready. Whenever coach calls my name Sunday, I’ll be ready,’’ Smith said. “I wanted to play game 1, but unfortunately had to sit it out.’’


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