K.J. McDaniels Mom is Awesome, cheers for her son and doesn’t give a damn about his teammates

Published on December 23rd, 2014 by Astramskas, David | 1,477 views

KD’s Mom might be the real MVP but KJ’s Mom gets my vote for best fan/mom in the league. Earlier in the season, she had a pretty amusing Twitter rant about her son not getting enough minutes. Next thing you know KJ is getting minutes, helping lots of people win lots of money on FanDuel and giving us some pretty sick highlights.

During Sunday’s WIN against the Orlando Magic, a fan, Jordan Eichenblatt, in the crowd spotted a women screaming at KJ to NOT pass the ball and for his teammates to pass the ball to him. ┬áTurns out that woman was KJ’s mom. ┬áCheck out the timeline of what happened on Sunday.

It ends with a selfie! Life is good.

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