Kent State Players Invite Fans To Stand With Them During National Anthem

Published on November 18th, 2016 by Astramskas, David | 1,277 views

Before Wednesday’s game between Kent State and Mississippi Valley State, the Kent State basketball team went into the crowd and invited fans of a different race to come onto the court and stand with them for the national anthem.

“We understand all of the issues going on in our world,” Point guard Jalen Avery said. “In these times, we felt it was important to show a sign of unity in our community.”

The idea for the display of unity came from senior Deon Edwin.

“It takes courage for our players to make a statement like this, and I believe it is a representation of the unity in our campus community,” Coach Rob Senderoff told the Associated Press. “There’s a lot of people protesting the national anthem, or protesting the election, or religion. You see all of that nationally, and our guys wanted to make a statement. To me, it was a tremendously positive statement. Hopefully everybody can recognize that. I have a lot of African American players on my team, and they have faced discrimination because of the color of their skin.”

As for the game, Kent State won 96-63.

Source: Washington Post


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