Kevin Durant Crashes Kids Birthday, Beats Kids by “Cheating” At Pop-a-Shot

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Kevin Durant LeBron James

This is going to make my now 6 year old daughter jealous. 2 years ago I got LeBron James to sign a birthday card for her and all the other kids at the party thought it was the coolest birthday present ever.  As cool as it was, how cool would it be to have a NBA superstar actually crash your birthday party, give you a gift and then beat your friends in some pop a shot?  That’s what Kevin Durant did last week at a Dave and Busters.

And Nike tried to say “KD is not Nice.”

Now, he might be nice on and off the NBA court, but he’s cheating at pop-a-shot. If you watch the video, you will see he’s aiming for the backboard and if you have ever played on one of these then you know it’s going in 9 out of 10 times when you do that. Let’s see KD try that cheap stuff against this ambidextrous Asian!

Don’t you know? You do not want to mess with Asians at pop-a-shot!