Reading Kevin Durant’s Fashion Police piece on the “best dressed” players at NBA All-Star weekend makes me think about 2005 when David Stern created the first ...(Read more)

Kevin Durant picks the 5 most fashionable NBA All-Stars for GQ


Reading Kevin Durant’s Fashion Police piece on the “best dressed” players at NBA All-Star weekend makes me think about 2005 when David Stern created the first dress code in any major pro sports league.  The funny thing about this is Stern basically didn’t want players looking like “thugs” and “too hip hop” and was hoping to see more conservative attire and suits.

What he didn’t expect from the new generation of hip hop fans, ballers and hipsters is a trend of wearing fashionable clothing and suits that’s polar opposites of the hip hop thug style Stern was against.

Remember, Stern was so anti-hip-hop in the 90s he had it banned from being used as background music in the slam dunk contest….but it was ok to have Will Smith the Fresh Prince be the emcee for the contest.



“Everybody brought it this year. It was easily the most stylish NBA All-star weekend in history,” says GQ style Correspondent Kevin Durant who was reporting for us all weekend in Houston, before and after dropping 30 points in last night’s all-star game. KD knows the designers, the outfits, the hits and misses. See who he selected as the most stylish baller from the league’s most stylish weekend.


5. James Harden
“I’m crowning him the Christian Louboutin king. He has different kinds of them—from hard bottoms to sneakers. He’s consistent. Plus he was killing it with the bow ties and vests all weekend. Definitely fresh.”


4. LeBron James
“LeBron stepped out with the leather pants and leather shirt under a blazer. He puts things together well. At his dinner and before the game he sported a bowtie. I think a lot of guys in the league are about to start going the bowtie route. Plus his suits always fit really well.”


3. Dwyane Wade
“With D. Wade’s dressing game, it’s mostly about fit. Everything with him always fits very well. Of course it’s tailored but the way clothes lay off of his body is perfect. He’s always out of the box—this weekend for sure. Leather pants, metallic gold shoes… It was a hit.”


2. Chris Paul
“CP does a really good job of mixing casual and dressy clothes. He can pull off chinos, sneakers and blazer better than anyone in the game. Looking at guys like him makes me re-evaluate my closet, man. It’s cool how he mixes everything together.”


1. Russell Westbrook
“I see Russell every single day, and I love his style. He’s off the wall with the shirts, everyone knows that. But the best thing about him is that he doesn’t have a stylist. It’s crazy. He just has a really good eye. And he didn’t disappoint this weekend. You saw every side of him, from camo suit pants to Air Jordans.”




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